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BlackBerry Marketplace Service
BlackBerry Marketplace - The list above are some of the latest BlackBerry products you can buy, if you are interested in buying it please see first reviews and its specifications, if it fits with your will, please purchase it.

So consummate a Blackberry devices that are now booming among the crowd, now began to look for users of mobile handsets that in fact have limited funds. The result, the demand for cheap Blackberry handset has increased and this is one reason for proliferation of the handset – handset Blackberry unofficial market.

The price is cheap and the unlimited option is the reason Blackberry handset needless official still hunted today. But did you know a lot more important things taken into consideration in addition to pricing and unlimited options. Especially those of you who want to use the Blackberry internet service in the handset you purchased.

But before we talk far way, keep in mind that the Blackberry has hired three cellular operators in Indonesia. Sales and after-sales service will be carried out by the three operators, and handset-Blackberry handsets that they remove the operator has been locked so that it can only be used by the service belongs to them alone. And let's agree that handset-Blackberry handsets this we call the official Blackberry.

While Blackberry unlocked version of foreign operators that are sold without an agreement with local operators, we will refer to as Blackberry BM (= Unofficial Black Market).

Official BlackBerry Characteristics :

The Characteristic:

1. From the look out for products such as these seem seamless, with no operator logo abroad. But, if anything (is in the process) is the local operator logo.
2. the network has been locked so that the Handset can only be used for service operators who carry it (carrier).


1. PIN and IMEI is guaranteed to be used to service the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).
2. easy to do activation service.
3. have available applications and content, such as social networking and chat.
4. after-sales service guaranteed.


1. Expensive, or likely to be more expensive than goods BM.
2. can only be used for a specific operator services.
Characteristics Of BlackBerry BM (Unofficial)

The Characteristic:

1. Judging by the look of an operator logo is usually abroad, such as Vodafone, TIM, and so on.
2. can be used for numbers of different operators (already unlocked).


Then what to do if one day we are confronted on a blackberry that does not clear its existence? There are several things you can do, it featured the following:

1. ask for unlock BlackBerry handsets before you buy.
See a PIN and IMEI with how to enter the menu, press Options, and then status. Or it could be from the home page (stand-by) and press [Alt] + [Shift] + [H]. Match the cable with PIN and IMEI listed in box packs a handset. If it fits, switch off the handset, and then view the PIN and IMEI in place of the battery. Everything has to be the same.

a. "Your device has not yet been registered with the network", then cheer up, it means the IMEI and PIN can be directly used to enjoy bus service.

b. "The BlackBerry is registered with another provider", you shouldn't be worried because there are two possibilities:
First, the IMEI and PIN are new (not yet used those) but it's been listed on the service abroad.
Second, the PIN and IMEI is already used by another person with foreign operators.
If the second possibility happens (normally Blackberry BM), ask for warranty Exchange new Handset, because it was feared could not be used again.

c. "Your Account is already registered", most likely the handset that you can is used or refurbished merchandise. Or PIN and IMEI is in it's in someone else.-klone Avoid stuff like this. Or ask for warranty Exchange, if you're still curious.

d. "Your Account is Suspended", a condition like this should not be purchased. Because of the PIN and Email have been reported as cases of illegal substances, lost, or stolen klone, results.

In fact there have been many services to activate your PIN and IMEI which ter-suspended. But it includes the process of illegal and as much as possible be avoided so as not to incur the problem later.

2. To see if the Blackberry you'll buy a new or can't do well with this trick:
Open the BlackBerry Menu, select Options, and then Status.
At page this type: B U Y R on your keyboard. Then some more data will appear.
If the data usage and his voice usage is still 0, then it is certain that is the new stuff. If not 0, make sure the data usage after exceeded. If you're still limited to 2 s. d 3 kb only, then it is still reasonable, probably used for data unlocked (BlackBerry BM).

Whatever you decide to do with consideration of a mature and responsible.

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