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Mobiles Phone, phones android, Samsung i8510 Refurbished 8GB ReviewsThe Samsung i8510 space is a phone with an impressive 8.0 Lantern slides pixel mega television with the stress of the car, research on flash, Clin d ' eye Espial and it can also broadcast band.

The Samsung i8510 Refurbished 8GB  is also a capable smart phone running on the Symbian operating system meaning a wealth of customization options. The i8510 also includes HSDPA and Wi-Fi for fast web browsing, Bluetooth v2.0, built in GPS for SatNav software, 8GB of internal memory and an MP3 player.

Mobiles Phone Samsung i8510 Refurbished 8GB Reviews :

Mobiles Phone, phones android, Samsung i8510 Refurbished 8GB Reviews

Also known as
The Samsung i8510 Refurbished 8GB is also known as the Samsung Innov8.

What's in the box?
* Instruction Manual
* Standard Li-ion Battery
* Mains Charger

8.0 Megapixel
The Clearance Samsung i8510 Innov8 features a camera to truly rival a top of the range stand alone digital camera. Capture your favourite moments as they happen with the 8.0 mega-pixel camera featuring digital zoom, integrated flash, face detection, blink detection and record video in QVGA quality at 120fps. Plus with a host of editing options on the phone, getting your pictures just right is easy!

Super fast HSDPA and 3G!
Do you have a need for speed? Well with the Innov8 you will be able to enjoy data speeds at an speedy 1.8 MBit/s or 3.6 MBit/s in downlink with this new HSDPA technology. You can download music, games, video clips and make & receive video calls at the touch of a button at incredibly fast speeds!

Built-in GPS Receiver
The Samsung i8510 on Orange features a built-in GPS receiver. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. More than two dozen GPS satellites orbit the Earth and transmit radio signals which allow any GPS receiver on the planet to determine its location, speed and direction. This is perfect for car satellite navigation!

QVGA Colour Screen!
The clearance i8510 supports an excellent 16 million colour screen. This display has amazing quality and clarity to make browsing images and video files a much more enjoyable experience.

Bluetooth v2.0
Thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology, data transmission is quick and easy. Meanwhile, And what's more, with Bluetooth wireless printing, sending images or documents to a compatible printer is child's play wherever you are, allowing you to produce quality printouts effortlessly.

Groovy sounds
The Innov8 combines "polyphonic" ringtones with MP3 technology. This can produce a high quality ring tone that allows for truly hi-fi quality speech or music as your tone. There is 8GB internal phone memory for storage of pictures and ringtones. This Samsung mobile phone also supports microSD (TransFlash). So you can store even more files.

Java technology
Thanks to Java technology, you can further enhance your Samsung i8510 mobile phone with interactive, vibrant games, which can be downloaded and stored in the handset. They are easy to delete, so you don't have to worry about cluttering up your memory.

Almost everyone has downloaded wallpapers and ring tones to their mobile phone at some time, and now with this added Java technology, this should provide hours of fun and entertainment for everyone.

Mobile Internet
Incorporating the latest technology for WAP 2.0 mobile internet, you can use WAP to access a range of information from the Internet including news, travel and information.

The i8510 supports MMS (Multimedia Message Service) for Multimedia text messaging. This new technology allows you to send sounds, pictures, animations and formatted text in your message. These messages can then be exchanged between friends and family with MMS enabled mobile phones.

Quad Band
The Samsung I8510 Innov8 (sometimes misspelt as innovate, inovate or inov8) operates on 4 different GSM frequencies (GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800 and GSM1900) meaning unrivalled coverage world-wide with roaming capability in over 120 countries. The addition of GSM850 means even more widespread coverage in North America.

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