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Google+ mobile lets you share good things with the right people much easier. Huddle allows you to send messages super-fast for the people who matter most to you. And no matter where you are, the flow keeps you in the loop about what your friends are sharing and where they check in

And it is here. The Google+ App, which was submit to the App Store a few weeks ago has arrived and should downloaded and used on your device IOS. You can do whatever you want with your iPhone with the Google+ except Hangouts.

Unfortunately, there is no support on IOS Hangouts yet, so we'll have to wait a little longer. It has downloaded a few hours ago and has already been updated once to fix some bugs. Of course, the social network is still in beta is so that we can not expect the application is working perfectly.

The function I'm looking forward to is using Huddle, which is supposed to be like IMessage and Blackberry Messenger, but also works on various platforms. However, I have not been able to find this app in the App store India, which had to use my Apple ID and the U.S. download. Since I iOS 5 beta, the Google+ App seemed to crash a lot, especially when I looked at my profile and Stream. Other than that it worked like a charm. In a way, it feels like the app has not been optimized for iPhone display Retina and it certainly needs a lot of work. Huddle works (kind of), notifications of work, I could upload photos and add people to Circles.

There you go, the Google+ App iPhone is now available. Although it is not nothing special, since I was not able to send a message to anyone Huddle or maybe no one answered. Easy to use and yet Google has managed to keep it real simple.

Download Google + App for iPhone.

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