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Almost everyone connected with each other today, via Facebook, so HTC ChaCha came up with a brilliant idea to have a smartphone that has a dedicated button Facabook. So HTC ChaCha was designed. From the outside the HTC ChaCha seems totally different from the phone recently launched HTC Touch and more like a Blackberry phone, sporting a QWERTY keyboard and landscape screen relatively low. You can navigate through the phone or through the touch screen or keyboard. The 2.6 inch display with 480 × 320 pixels seems clear. The applications that came with the phone have been modified to take advantage of the landscape orientation of the screen.

For those who would like tweeting and SMS, this phone is a great buy. This phone is up to our expectations for typing quickly because the buttons were well spaced out and less prone to typing errors. The dedicated button on Facebook, located under the keyboard offers immediate access to the phone app for social networking. Once you get into the Facebook application, you are able to update your "Facebook status, Twitter and select photos to share online". Once your Facebook messages arrive, it will be displayed in the unified inbox with emails phone standards. Another nice feature is that your Facebook events on your calendar will be filled wall of the event and participants, including the address book shows the status of your contacts in Facebook Chat from HTC ChaCha.

For now, the iPhone and Android applications for Facebook is not so easy to use, so we expect this phone to improve our social interactions. However, this is not the only "Facebook phone" in the market right now that INQ Cloud, Q, another touchscreen phone with a QWERTY keyboard could provide strong competition in this category. In addition to the features of Facebook, This phone works like any other smartphone Android. 2.3.3 Running on Android, this phone takes advantage of the wide range of applications from the Android Market.

You are able to download and install games, widgets, programs on your phone, most available for free. You are also able to customize the widgets from your phone to your preferences, allowing you to do everything like viewing your photos to update your Facebook status without having to load an application. Web browsing functions as a major Android on this phone with one of the web browser the fastest and most accurate. If you are in online video, the good news is this phone supports Flash. To conclude, this phone is if you are a monster Facebook contrary do not bother because this phone has only mediocre specs.

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