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HTC Desire S brings a breath of fresh air for the HTC Desire, which was announced in February 2010. There are some remarkable improvements - both inside and outside. First, it is slightly smaller than the old desire - about 4mm shorter and narrower 1mm.

In terms of the handshake, the HTC Desire S is well proportioned with the body and 3.7 inches thin, the HTC desire S and the feels even better because of the smaller size.

In terms of physical construction, the htc desire S comes with an impressive design aluminum unibody, similar to the Legend HTC, Google and Nokia N8 Nexus S. This exquisite solid build quality does not put extra weight for the phone. In fact, Desire S has reduced to 5 grams of Desire.

In terms of performance, it may seem similar to the old desire, for the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz CPU, but in reality, the characteristics of the desire for a S version of the second generation of the chip Snapdragon, which brings great improvements. One aspect worth noting is that the integration of a highly advanced GPU, the 205 S is Adreno Desire just as powerful as Google Nexus S in terms of raw performance.

In addition, Desire S RAM 50% more than the HTC Desire. Compared to HTC Desire, keys trackball and physical have been removed in the HTC S Desire, creating a look cleaner and more sophisticated. Instead, we have capacitive touch control has become a common feature of most smartphones.

Although currently the HTC S Desire is currently pre-installed with Android 2.2, the most likely HTC Desire S Android will ship with 2.3. Although both versions of Android might not be significantly different, but the Android 2.3 offers support for VoIP and video calls as well as a lot of new multimedia standards will be more welcome.

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