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Android 22 : 8 Easy On Skills, Android TipsTricks

Google's Android 2.1 has been released, Android 2.2 version has been, and a lot of improvements have made to challenge the iPhone operating system. Here are 8 tips and tricks to help you with your Android 2.2 phone.

1. Excellent search function
Android 2.2 not only supports audio search, but you can also find the time, buses, contacts, web, applications, calendar, delivery and fingerprints. In the meantime, you can enable/disable the search history and recommendations.

2. Use the second research component on the screen
If you want a lot, there is enough space on your screen, you can add a few pieces of research, search for network, applications and contacts.

3. User-Friendly keyboard
Android 2.2, write better. Type the earlier version, you must enter a new screen, enter the number on the other, but now you can see the number 1, simply press the letter Q @ S of the same key and the letter S so that normal type of critical e-mail advice.

4. Hang up, the power button
You can hang a phone call from Android 2.2, the power button, if enabled in setup, but not all Android phones have this feature.

5. Enable Flash in Android 2.2
Android 2.2 phone has Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or new update, if your phone is an obstacle, you must download and install it on the Android Market front.

6. Turn off Flash
Although Flash offers more games and fun for you, but it slows you down when you browse the Internet, you can in the Android browser -> Settings -> Add disabled.

7. Use a PIN to protect your privacy.
Android 2.2 allows you to lock/unlock your mobile phone with PIN.

8. Upgrade all your apps with a simple button
Well this is for those lazy people, you can upgrade all your apps by hitting only one button, or if you do not have time, this may turn out usefull to you.


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