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The company Google has released an update for the application social network Google+ Android mobile operating system. In addition to addressing some security issues, Google+'s version 1.0.5, available for download on Android Market, also improved the reporting system, which now shows sets of warnings that the user added in the circles of people.

Notifications also allow the user to browse the profiles of the friends said, because the reporting system for application of social network links Google has won all the names.
Apps Social Network Google+, Android Mobile OS

 Some improvements have improved use of other tools such as Google crowd, which allows you to exchange messages with groups. Now, interviews can hidden, and you can add links in the messages.

According to Google, now the application identifies the geographic location of the user with greater precision, allowing faster access to messages from friends who are nearby. In addition, by turning the screen of the mobile device, the application does not update the top of your messages. 4XD97S9JA977

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