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As many of you, I believe in the gospel of the root. The first thing I did when I took my EVO 4G was it the root CyanogenMod and stick to it. My phone has been rapid, completely insane, and if needed, available to tie in a pinch. Because of this, applications like EasyTether seemed like a waste.

Then I took a 3D EVO. Racine went, but I still had internet. Not much. Then I moved and the Internet is not going to get turned on for another day. I cracked, bought EasyTether, and I wanted to see if it was worth it.

In short, it is totally, especially if you are not rooted and never intend to go this route. There is not much to say about EasyTether, except that it works perfectly.

From the get-go, you app Polyclef Software took over and guide you through the few (and simple) steps to get your phone connected mode. The first time you launch the application, it will ask if you have the desktop component installed on your computer. Select no and you are taken to a list of operating systems to select it. You will download the installer directly to your desktop phone.

From there, connect your phone, install the program off of your SD card, and you're in business. Your computer will add another cable modem network adapter called EasyTether (if you're running Windows, at least), and you are all but a step away from a contract-free, with no roots anchoring.

All you need to do is make sure your phone is in debug mode and the USB plug into your computer while you run the desktop client. Just do not forget to make sure you enable USB connections in the soft menu on your phone. From here you can use your 3G phone to surf the net as your would normally.

But what if you have 4G, you ask? Oh, it works too. In fact, I found that out of an accident (I have 4G on my phone so I can talk and surf at the same time) but it really shook the speed when it was connected EasyTether 4G and my phone was lit. So it's really impressive.

Overall, I could not be happier with EasyTether, even though I'm not using it, now that the Internet has been installed. For a single price of $ 9.99, I can have free internet everywhere I go, hassle free. I can see what a boon to anyone, but especially if you travel frequently and not the root of your phone, you'll probably save a charge in airports and hotels. I know the next time I go out, that's what I use.

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