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He's sick to ignore unnecessary phone? Then you can always block unwanted caller ID, free or paid.

There are many applications to block any incoming call or message, as Mcleaner, it supports the "black" and "white list" to reject any calls, and it is in the iPhone, S60, UIQ and Motorola phones. You can try, the price of $ 11.99. In addition, the well-known anti-virus software, Kaspersky Mobile Security provides the same functionality charges $ 29.99 per year per mobile. Of course, it can protect your smartphone malware and network attacks as well.

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can find software on the App Store.

Also free. If you have a BlackBerry, you can test the application CallsBlocker that allows you to block unwanted calls in many ways. When, provides a detailed introduction.

The good news, Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile phone users. SE phonemobile has a built-in protection, go to Settings> Calls> Manage Calls >> only the list, click on the number of selecting "Edit". Nokia mobile phone users, the so-called black list, you can immediately cut unnecessary phone mobile calls, even when the phone rings before application. The phone is useless to a call is always busy, even without the attention. Is not it interesting?


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