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I bought a 3G iPad2, 3 weeks back and I can not get enough of it. I stopped using my iPhone for other purposes besides call and SMS. iPad2 is seriously addictive and if you have installed iPad right, you might not find another source of digital entertainment for a few days or perhaps weeks.

Anyway, one of the reasons I bought a 3G iPad2 because I travel a lot and I can use the 3G service of any service provider on my iPad. Of all the popular 3G service providers, I opted for MTNL because they offer unlimited 3G to 6 months for only 4500. I think it's a bargain given the data Unlimited downloads without FUP. (Yeahh Airtel sucks when it comes to FUP).

Anyway, here is a Quick Start Guide for setting up the 3G device MTNL IPAD. Just for info, MTNL does not micro-micro-BSNL SIM as SIM, but you can either buy a SIM Cutter or if you stuff yourself with good, you can convert normal micro-SIM SIM. In our head-quarter, we benefit from manual labor and @ droidsid had pain to cut normal SIM Micro-SIM.

Step by step guide to configure MTNL 3G SIM Jadoo iPad2

Put the micro-SIM in your iPhone go to Settings> Cellular Data> APN setting
Setting MTNL 3G iPad2, setting parameters iPad2 3G

Click Settings APN and enter the following details:

Setting MTNL 3G iPad2, setting parameters iPad2 3G

  • APN: pps3g
  • Username: mtnl
  • password: mtnl123

Now, once you have added MTNL 3G APN settings, now restart your iPhone and 3G will start working on the iPad. For more than two hours that I am trying MTNL 3G and so far I am impressed with the speed. Although the speed fluctuates a lot, but 750/month (4500 INR to 6 months), I can not wait more than that.


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