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Posted at , 8:48 PM by Yogi Haris

A few days back, I jailbroke iPad2 and I was enjoying the power of IOS device jailbroken. Anyway, this is not about to jailbreak, but a small problem I met yesterday and I'm sure many other users iPad face the same question.

I played a video app iPad video and video applications suddenly froze and since then when ever I open app iPad video, it showed the blank page. I can not return to the library. I tried to reset my iPad and restore a previous version but it did not help.

Here is a quick work around which worked for me to fix frozen video iPad question and I think it might work for you too.

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To search using Spotlight to search for any existing video by typing the name. Click on the video and it will start playing again frozen and your problem be solved iPad application video in seconds. Do let us know if this has helped you solve your problem app iPad video you still have the same problem?any other users iPad face the same question.


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