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RIM fans in the UK is looking forward to get their hands on the BlackBerry Bold will 9900's And use some design changes, the first smartphone with BlackBerry OS 7 (seventh).

What we like
Is striking, BlackBerry Bold 9900, 2.8-inch TFT-LCD screen. Redesigned icons are sharper, more colorful and attractive than the existing white line of symbols Bold 9780 Besides the screen is very bright, by increasing resolution of 480x320 to 640x480 pixels.

Text seems stronger than the Samsung Galaxy S (which is not surprising considering resolution of 218dpi 287dpi here) and some colors (especially red) may seem bolder than the iPhone 4 Loads with good video quality and playback is smooth with good contrast, in short, is infinitely watchable, despite the relatively small screens.

Reviews BlackBerry Bold 9900, Phone Mobiles

Only 10 mm deep breathing class grass 9900's The stainless steel cap on the banks as opposed to the plastic body and buttons accent glass façade. They are generously by a delight, even if you have big fingers.

The control of the Bold 9900, with a combination a four-way sound and touch keys by touching the screen. We thought we used the touch screen to select an application to surf the Internet, and the four-way navigation key to scroll through the menus.

There are some shortcuts cleaned. Press the top of the screen near the clock for the connectivity options (such as Wi-Fi), while a crane from the task bar to show unread messages (including updates to the App World and the calendar).

Following the Universal Search OS 6, press on the magnifying glass, and a password will immediately scour the phone or complete search on via YouTube, the BlackBerry App World and Google Local Search (among others). Touch the icon of a microphone, you can voice-activated search we found to exact to about 80% of the time.

Powered by a 1.2 GHz processor, QC 8655, the Bold 9900 feels very fast if the home screens and Web pages from top to bottom like. We took the opportunity to contact icons on the Facebook and Twitter is not an immediate reaction and Paul at the bottom of the page, often to invite one or two seconds needed, but it's not really a problem.

Reviews BlackBerry Bold 9900, Phone Mobiles

Applications on Facebook and Twitter are easy to use. A nice touch is the ability to stream photos directly from the application into the fat on Facebook. At the time of the Facebook application is being updated, so we update this article as soon as possible.

BlackBerry fans will be not disappointed in the e-mail. We want the inbox, the messages displayed by several accounts sync, even if you choose separate display. More useful than you another e-mail BBM draw text, instant messaging, Twitter or Facebook message, select it without opening each application.

With addition of NFC technology to make sure the RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900 scalable connectivity, especially because people who use technology are few and far between now. On the Connections tab and networks (N) appears in the status bar.

The RIM Bold 9900 features a 720p HD camcorder, the movie starts very easily and is very good at dealing with movement of light in the darkness, even if the movie is a bit soft.

We need to BlackBerry Bold 9900 player of music, which is very impressive talk. In a good pair of headphones (Sennheiser CX281 we have) and you get a good balance between bass and treble, equalizer options with 12, although some (such as the First and Second Treble Boost) niche. File support is wide and with Flac and Vorbis, MP3 ability, and we even managed to play WAV files.

The edge of the speaker produces a powerful, and you also get the opportunity, options speaker, which is how much quieter.

What we don’t like
Blackberry OS 7 is not a revolution in Operating System (OS) 6 The interface is almost identical with five screens at home (all that often, downloads, media and favorites) as before.

Orders within a couple of pictures with other operating systems, a lot more time here. For example: move location of something on the main page goes to print, select (Move) and move in the desired direction. Recommended is the only screen with links, contacts and music can change.

There are other disappointments. There is a special YouTube application, but you link to a Web page optimized mobile and BlackBerry Maps is not as good as Google Maps.

Absorbs food into your social instant messaging, Twitter and Facebook with RSS feeds and podcasts, shows how much or as little as you want. He does what you expect, but also because of the arrangement, it is only as good as the HTC Sense. Instead, things can be done by the application, click on the answer applications for Facebook and Twitter launches. In addition to things such as loading other content is not integrated with the HTC version.

Despite the screen to clear and sharp, whites are not as sharp as we are bad for the game and off-angle look like, but since the Bold 9900 is not the kind of phone you are too busy to a movie to watch .

Flash video is not installed out of the box, the choice of online video, we hope this is something that can corrected in the future.

BlackBerry App Store has come a long way to go before they are ever closed, and the Android Market and Apple's App Store. Although the 4000 applications, including choice of North America (mainly by going through the options, GPS) and the duration. Most applications that we take for granted on Android IOS, not only here, such as: Angry Birds, What is the access, Ebay, Amazon Kindle, and Shazam - although you probably do not Angry Birds Online with the philosophy of the company's fat

RIM has increased resolution the camera 3 to 5 mega pixels, which is more than enough for most people, but the pictures are not very good. Although we welcome people look no shutter lag, which begin in a slight delay P's the action scenes and a few pictures without autofocus soft. The lack of resources for the ISO sensitivity, noise in the light of the sun, you have a flash.

With its faster processor and a significant improvement of the Bold 9900 Display is the best BlackBerry to date and worthy upgrade for existing users. It looks and feels a premium with a great new interface, QWERTY, while the NFC is a bonus.

It is not perfect. There is no flash, the camera is bad and the operating system is even more restrictive, and besides, IOS Android - after all it is not really a revolution in OS 6 Although we should remember the Bold 9900 is another type of cell phone for 4, Samsung Galaxy S II, and Apple iPhone, these phones is all-round multimedia experience, the BlackBerry still facing the business user.

We feel the Bold 9900 is just a bridge until the first BlackBerry phone, the QNX (although this maybe next year), but that means he is a large and BlackBerry devices a fantastic job.

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