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Samsung has unveiled details Bada 2.0, the new version of its mobile operating system, telephone and the availability of software development kit (SDK) for developers of applications.

Bada is the user interface Samsung in the early days of the United Kingdom (UK) with the Samsung Wave and Samsung Wave 2 and the Korean company has confirmed three new mobile wave in the property, will be available: the end of the year, including the premium and entry .

New features in BADA 2.0: Multi-tasking, direct Wifi, NFC, and voice recognition. Flash and HTML 5 is also being enhanced to improve performance of Web.

Applications Samsung also gets a boost, which covers 121 countries and Bada 2.0 include new options and recommendations. Basically, developers can now add in-app advertising.

Samsung Launches The Bada 2.0, Android PhoneMobiles

Clearly, despite creation of WP7 and Android phones Samsung determined that the operating system. Simon Stanford Samsung UK and Ireland, said: (Although we continue to work with partners such as Google and Microsoft, is the spirit of an important goal for us in the future as we work for the leading mobile platform.)

Wave II was a good phone, a combination full touchscreen, Samsung and building large applications with a simple user interface, but it was really a mid-range phone without hitting features and customization options for competitors. So it is very interesting to see what seems to a premium of Bada 2.0 telephone, especially after the great success of high-end smartphone Android, including Samsung S2 Galaxy.

There are no names or dates provided more details of the phone, but the Bada of SDK 2.0 can be downloaded by developers of the Bada

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