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"After a first part talks about the physical hardware devices and components, in this second part we will talk a little about how your phone experience, computer software and the user it provides" said Phone Mobiles Reviews.

The terminal includes version 2.2.2 of the operating system Android. This version of Froyo is the last thing in this version. Gingerbread Upgrade? No one knows (by accepting paris). With this version of operating system that goes to the terminal.

No compatibility issues with programs, but of course there is little some interesting options like the ability to video / audio and Gtalk, and of course, keep the terminal with the latest safety features of the system and Google.

Test Phone Spect Optimus LG 2x, LG Optimus Specification, LG Optimus Black

The graphical environment of the phone is identical to Optimus 2x LG. Simple and useful. No frills excessive in terms of animations and graphics . Some widgets, did not need to fill your desktop for small screens and the battery consumed quickly. You can always add more widgets to your collection with some of the many applications available on the market and integrating widgets.

LG to integrate tailor-made programs of social networks like "Twitter or Facebook", and offers the possibility to configure it to synchronize the address book, contact our social profile. LG includes its own applications, such as economics, consultant App or search time, so you can make better use of the phone. It also provides the opportunity to use the "Remote Call" offers the opportunity to get help LG remote so they can help support. It also comes with "Smart Share", which allows you to connect compatible devices to share multimedia content with a simple click. Of course, it comes with multimedia applications for audio and video, photo gallery, and all specific applications of Google Gtalk, Gmail and YouTube. Choose if another comes, you are not caught off guard, it seems that the mail program that brings the terminal, causing problems with some MS Exchange e-mail accounts. I do not work email the company and what I've seen a mate either. You must careful with this if you want to use this terminal for your work.

The device works well enough, but get used to how it works (especially those of us of Sens). The images more than acceptable to talk about a sensor 5Mpx. 2Mpx The front camera also works well for video calls via e-mail applications.

Initially doing enough trouble with all the options available with treble clef and the opportunities it offers. I liked the ability to directly access the camera via the G-button by simply shaking the phone. It is useful to rotate the screen when browsing.

Stressing operation of the display 4 "NOVA brings the phone. It's incredibly bright outside. You'll have no problem to see what it says on the terminal in any light conditions you have. We thank enough now that there was more sun than many phones, it is impossible to dial a number to call.

I must also say that I noticed that as some HTC, this handset also loses the WiFi signal if you take it. Not much, but in poor WiFi coverage if it can important. So far, I noticed the problem using the signal in B / G. Perhaps, as with other phones mobile, WiFi-N is not noticed.

Finally, note that the battery capacity does not offer what I expected. 1500mAh battery should offer much more than I feel with this phone. Not sure, but may be due to the NOVA-screen, but LG said that the NOVA LCD consumes less than other phones. I need to continue in this field has a clear understanding of the battery capacity.

As for other games and I managed to install some HD GameLoft games to test the performance the phone. Does not seem to lag or problems to play on it. With free games, of course, you can enjoy all you want. You have enough memory on your phone or to install a few.

To a benchmark with a score of Quadrant always close to 1300 points. This score means that there is overlap of the HTC Desire S, a direct competitor. Similar results in the charts, but takes the lead in the hardware.

In short, my friends recommend purchasing this device? Most of them yes. Win a lot of height, weight, and most importantly, the piece of screen. Exterior lighting is incredible. It seems very good. Loses points in the operating system. Ginger should have gone and the market, but said update.

The light weight makes it seem that the materials used are of poor quality, but nothing is further from reality, has a very good finish. Of course, this phone compared to double heart has nothing to do with the material power, but for the most part, amply fulfilled. HTC Desire S will mentioned competitor, or new versions of the Samsung Galaxy S or some Sony Ericsson Xperia family model. Good LG is sure, is a formidable competitor for the Android Market, we have today.

Test Phone Spect Optimus LG 2x, LG Optimus Specification, LG Optimus Black


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