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After testing the first part HTC ChaChaCha where we talked about the physical part of the terminal, we went to a second part where the value of the user experience and software that gives this particular HTC device. started talking about the operating system. 2.3.3 Incorporate Android Gingerbread, one of the last update of the system of Google.

This makes the terminal has more power than most phones on the market with a superior material. It also comes with custom HTC Sense 2.1 'messenger' HTC Sense edition of this terminal. This version features Meaning of version 2.1, such as desktops, animations or customizations, and version 3.0, as is the screen lock ring with the famous and widgets that go with This will show us if we pending, such as SMS or email.

Testing Mobile Spect HTC ChaChaCha, HTC ChaCha

As for the pre-installed software and programs, depending on the HTC Sense. a custom versions of the desktop for HTC contacts, messages or email application. Of course, it comes with Google applications, GTalk, GMail. In addition to Google Maps or Google to take advantage of GPS navigation and never missed.

deserves special mention social networking section. Speaking of a telephone to an end user focused active in the world of Internet 2.0, HTC looks to social networks and applications with them in mind from the material as well. It allows us to connected with the social network. Press the means to share with our contacts a photo, a state, a website, chat. For you to use Facebook as a contact with your people, this phone has an incentive to have a unique function for this. Of course, integration with social networks do not stop there, Peep as a client for Twitter is also included in all HTC. In addition, HTC Sense allows you to synchronize and combine all of your phone book contacts, networking, messaging, Google. So do not lose track of someone.

Having a smaller screen than most HTC phones, the number of widgets available to add to your desktop is slightly different. The weather widget if you have animations but the screen resolution and inches, is bitter and is not as impressive as S with a HTC Sense Desire 2.1.

As with other multimedia features complete. We have already commented on GPS, but also FM radio and music player that you will enjoy hours of songs on the go. The camera, as shown below, takes good pictures. The autofocus and application of HTC Sense, you can take good pictures. The video quality, while not bad, this phone does not record in HD. It remains 720 x 480 pixels. Apparently it is the processor speed (800MHz) and RAM (512), which may something just to process the video quality.

Let's talk about your experience. The screen is small enough to navigate and free enough. Read the resolution was too small to be a little 'uncomfortable. But the use of messages, e-mail and write a physical keyboard is a joy. You can write very quickly and easily. The keyboard is very practical and useful, but perhaps enough for the arrows on the keyboard, giving more space to write, or the space bar.

battery life, and quite. 1250mAh for such a small screen, noticeable. While you can not play much with the resolution, use it to talk for hours on Gtalk does not make you an over-consumption of energy and cut the battery % dramatically.

Leave a performance test of others, but this time we can not show games that must the terminal.

android   c4634  100 0168 150x150 Testing the HTC ChaChaCha (II) android   c4634  100 0169 150x150 Testing the HTC ChaChaCha (II)android   c4634  100 0170 150x150 Testing the HTC ChaChaCha (II) android   c4634  100 0171 150x150 Testing the HTC ChaChaCha (II) android   c4634  100 0172 150x150 Testing the HTC ChaChaCha (II) android   3b522  100 0173 150x150 Testing the HTC ChaChaCha (II) android   3b522  100 0174 150x150 Testing the HTC ChaChaCha (II) android   3b522  100 0175 150x150 Testing the HTC ChaChaCha (II) android   3b522  IMAG0002 copia 150x150 Testing the HTC ChaChaCha (II) android   3b522  IMAG0004 copia 150x150 Testing the HTC ChaChaCha (II)


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